Our People

Our Club has been built and maintained through the collective commitment and hard work of many volunteers throughout the past 50 years. The time and effort that is given towards the running of a happy and growing community club like ours is simply something for which we cannot express enough thanks!

All of our Committee Member are volunteers.

2019 Executive and Committee


Vice President




Miniroos Co-ordinator

Juniors Co-ordinator

Seniors Co-ordinator

Sponsorship Manager

Grants Co-ordinator

Social Co-ordinator

Canteen Manager

Member Protection Information Officer

James Mavroudis

Philip Carabitsios

Angela Palogiannidis and Felipe Santibanez

Irene Petropoulous

Philip Carabitsios

Ricardo Sheihing

Eddie Bello

James Mavroudis

Glen Ramos

Glen Ramos

Olympia Hollink

John Tsiolakis

James Mavroudis

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